Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Breathe.......sometimes that's all you can do....

Hello everyone, well I'm still a hot mess but better then I was a month ago:) so let's see where do I start? Well I'm so up and down with my emotions that my boyfriend deserves a metal.....I gotta keep reminding myself that when things are bad or my son gets me stressed and when I get angry at myself for all the things I could of done and should of done, well that's no ones fault but mine and I must not take those frustrations out on every one around me. I am aware of this now and I'm working on it but as everyone is in bed sleeping at the moment, I have had some time to think about the last couple days....and yes I can't lie, I have not handled things the proper way:( so I'm taking a deep breathe and instead of beating myself up over it I'm gonna forgive myself and keep on keeping on....I really want to figure myself out but I have been finding out along this journey that I am one complicated and yes sometimes a little crazy chic!!!! So now that I took the time to think and realize that I'm still taking my frustrations,anger and sadness out on the people I love,I'm gonna take a deep breathe and start over again!!!! Tomorrow is a new day and I am human and have made many mistakes and I'm sure I will make more......but with each mistake I will find a lesson to be learned along with it. I have already learned over the past 2 months that all this time I found a reason for all my unhappiness and of course it was always someone else's fault!! Lol WRONG!!!! Lesson #1 only I have control of my own happiness!!! So for now my plan is to breathe when I feel overwhelmed, think before I act and keep reminding my self it took me 34 years to become this hot of a mess!!! So it's gonna take more then 1 month to fix things:) and as long as I can still joke about, it will all come together in time. Smile as much as you can!!! Laugh so hard it makes you cry!!!! Enjoy a sunrise and sunset any chance you get:) always kiss,hug and tell the ones you hold dearest to your heart that you love them.....learn everything you can from children. Jump in puddles on a rainy day:) sing and dance like nobody is watching even if they are open minded in all situations. Call your mother as often as possible. Ok I'm done for now:) if your reading this tonight? 9/18/2013 walk outside and look at the moon:) it looks FABULOUS at the moment:):)

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